Multi-use Personal Diary, Log, & Notes

Everyone has life passions. For almost every passion - there's probably multiple diary apps to choose to capture and remember your activities. But what if you have many life passions? Why clutter your mobile device with an app for every activity you enjoy? With Journal24x7 you can eliminate the need for multiple applications with a single app.

Journal 24x7 - is the most flexible private diary app - quickly enter, find & remember ANY important life moment - however you want!


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A Better Way To Do Mobile Forms

In the 21st century - information drives business. There are many scenarios where organizations need to collect consistent business data across a distributed team. There are many use cases for collecting consistent structured information across a distributed team including customer satisfaction surveys, research data collection, order processing, among other things. Forms24x7, is available to help businesses introduce an easier and cost effective way to collect structured data from a distributed work force.


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